The Important Notice about Bio-office Business Transition

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to share some changes that have taken place recently with our Bio-Office brand of products.

We would like to take this time to announce merging our Bio-Office branded products into the Global product brand of Anviz.

Thank You for your patience during our Transition.

We have had great success as we developed our products and supported our many customers in a sincere and direct relationship.

We will continue this relationship through expert local dealers and distributors of Anviz products. Our partners can provide quality professional services.

New products and support plans can be purchased directly from our partner listed below.

As part of Anviz Global, We want to make sure that we continue to offer the best and most cost effective solutions in the RFID, biometric and security industries to our worldwide clients.

Anviz Global will launch many new products in the near future in commercial and home automation and security and surveillance, offering comprehensive protection for you and your business. These can be viewed at

Our Global brand Anviz is currently in over 100 countries and unifying our brand name and our many global partners and resources will give our clients local services and support that can help your business and your local economy.

About Bio-Office Warranties
and Service Commitments


About Your
Future Product Needs

For the Bio-Office Brand, Anviz Global will continue to honor all warranties and service commitments.

Please email us at for contact us through RDS for further information.


Please contact the dealer below for your future product needs and we want to thank you for your continued use of Anviz products.

Please contact Crown Security at 1-800-914-9191 or email

Or visit

The Bio-Office team